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TV Review: Will & Grace

Will & Grace like all long running TV series have good episodes and bad episodes. my memory.

People don’t watch Will & Grace for the plot. People tune in because its funny as hell. In fact Will & Grace aren’t actually that funny but luckily this show has Jack & Karen which is one of the funniest friendships TV has ever seen.

This show was one of a kind with the main male lead being a gay man but this show wasn’t about the normal angst and drama you usually find with gay representation on TV. This was more of a we are here, we are queer get use to it attitude. In fact this show is great if you wanna know what went down in the 90s, they even have a whole episode around Grace wearing a water bra (so 90s!).

So basically it wasn’t about homosexuality like you would think. Instead, the show focused on friendship.

What makes Will & Grace important to the LGBT community is the legacy they left behind.

While Jack was the flamboyant stereotypical gay, Will was a regular guy who just happens to be gay. He could easily be your friend, your neighbor, your lawyer. This was rarely seen before that’s right gay people are normal people too shocking!

Alot of people will argue what actually did Will & Grace achieve, but think back to 1998 and how may gay characters were gay and compare it to how many gay characters were around by 2006 by the end of the show. Let’s just say Will & Grace bought American TV out of the closet.

The Impact Of 20 Years Of 'Will & Grace' On LGBTQ+ Culture And The ...

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