Friendship in Harry Potter: The Trio

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Who is Harry Potter’s best friend? Ron or Hermione? While I feel that Ron and Hermione are both equally important to Harry, the title of his ‘best friend’ is still up for debate.

Each friendship could have their own page but instead am just going to give you the highlights.

Harry and Ron

During their falling out in the events of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, both Ron and Harry were shown to be miserable. It was also during this time that Harry reflected on just how happy Ron made him. He realised there was hardly any laughter in his life, no lighthearted moments, and Hogwarts was just nit the same. When they became friends again, Harry was over the moon with happiness.

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Ron joined Harry in more adventures than Hermione did. Whatever plan Harry had, Ron would go along with it, no questions asked. Hermione was always more reluctant to go through with Harry’s ideas at first, and it was Ron who would back Harry up. Despite being petrified of spiders, Ron accompanied Harry to the Aragog’s lair and then he also followed him into The Chamber of Secrets as well. In all of Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts, Ron would be by Harry’s side.

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Harry and Hermione

Harry only survived everything he went through in the books due to Hermione. He literally owes her his life. examples include: Hermione saved him from the Devil’s Snare and from being poisoned. Even while petrified, it was her research that Harry found out that it was a Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. She was also the one with the Time Turner. Hermione trained Harry for the Triwizard tournament. She created Dumbledore’ Army. She was responsible for the trio surviving during the Horcrux hunt. Harry Potter would have been dead by the end of the first book if it wasn’t for Miss Hermione Granger.

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Stronger as a trio

When Harry tried to tell everyone that Lord Voldemort was back, no one wanted to believe him, but Ron and Hermione stuck up for him, and they believed every word obviously! Whenever someone would call Harry a liar who was just seeking attention (which happened quite alot), Ron and Hermione would defend Harry regardless of what others thought, even if it would hurt their friendships outside of the trio. Now that’s true friendship.

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Also the boys would stand up to anyone who would refer to Hermione as a Mudblood. Harry and Ron refuse to sit by when people discriminate Hermione because they will do anything to defend her and protect her.

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My favourite thing about them is they are not like a normal friendship groups we would see as they are not a clique. They all have different blood statuses and their social statuses vary greatly. If this was some American teen drama they wouldn’t be friends, which makes this friendship so pure it is clear that they are so close simply due to the fact that they feel connected and truly care about one another rather than being put/forced together because of similar statuses or because society says they should be friends.

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It is pretty obvious as the series goes on that the trio is constantly learning and becoming more open-minded because of each other. Hermione learns to let loose a little, Ron learns to be more caring and considerate, and Harry learns that he can’t do everything alone. They all become stronger and better people because of the beautiful friendship they have formed throughout their years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I may start crying any minute so am going to leave it here.

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