When Famous people actually are friends with each other.

My top 4 friendships that make me go awww …. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio Jack may of not survived in Titanic but Leo’s friendship with Kate is still going strong after 20 something years, In fact In 2012, when Kate secretly got married it was Leo who walked her down the aisle – aContinue reading “When Famous people actually are friends with each other.”

Friendship in Harry Potter: The Trio

Who is Harry Potter’s best friend? Ron or Hermione? While I feel that Ron and Hermione are both equally important to Harry, the title of his ‘best friend’ is still up for debate. Each friendship could have their own page but instead am just going to give you the highlights. Harry and Ron During theirContinue reading “Friendship in Harry Potter: The Trio”

Friends – The TV Show

“I’ll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour)/ I’ll be there for you (like I’ve been there before)/ I’ll be there for you (cause you’re there for me too)”………. The great thing about friends is that each friendship between the six is different. Here is what each friendship teaches/tells us about friendship.Continue reading “Friends – The TV Show”

Friendship in the Harry Potter books

Where to begin….. It would be obvious to just talk about a trio but there are so many other friendships that are overlooked in the series so am going to write about them today and tackle the trio next week. Lavender Brown And Parvati Patil Pretty much from their first year, these two girls areContinue reading “Friendship in the Harry Potter books”

Destiny’s Child Music Review

It may seem odd am starting with the band which replaced two members they had known since childhood by putting two other members in a music video……Beyonce is all business but they are my first group about friendship because the final trio went through it all and Beyonce never forgot them on her way toContinue reading “Destiny’s Child Music Review”

Today is International Friendship day!!! To celebrate I was going to write about my favorite friendships in Movies, TV shows and books…. but there is so many i am going to dedicate a whole month to friendship (she types remembering she forgot to write her posts for Independence month….oops……..sorry life got in the way). here’sContinue reading

What is the 4th July all about?

Here are some movies to explain …….. To be fair this is pretty accurate on how the whole thing went down. The movie keeps things accurate by using direct quotations from Adams, Franklin and Jefferson. It tells the story of the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, made up of black soldiers – some ofContinue reading “What is the 4th July all about?”