Every year, during the month of June, the LGBT community celebrate. People coming together to show how far gay rights have come and teach others about the community to help them continue to move forward in equality. So for the rest of June my reviews will be LGBT themed.

TV Review: Now is the time to talk about Black-ish.

The TV show Black-ish will tell you everything about what it means to be black in the USA. Just watch and be educated. A couple of stand out episodes: The N-word: In the 25th episode, “The Word”, Young Jack performs Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” at school and says the N word. The rest of theContinue reading “TV Review: Now is the time to talk about Black-ish.”

Movie review and it appears am Living the real life Bugs Life .

It’s the good old story of Ant Flick loses food tribute so goes of own his own to fight the grasshoppers and proves at he really is a hero. Where I think this film really thrives is it’s secondary characters. There’s is at least one character that you will relate to. Which one are you?Continue reading “Movie review and it appears am Living the real life Bugs Life .”

Welcome to The OC bitch!

While The OC is a Teen show, it’s roots and main theme is actually family. It did something Teen shows rarely do, it took the time to show an actual healthy parent and child relationship. That’s right Sandy and Kirsten actually parent their children and it’s that collective unit that carries the show. Romances cameContinue reading “Welcome to The OC bitch!”