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Movie Review: Shelter

Shelter (2007 film) - Wikipedia

Must start of with saying I love Love Simon but i have already reviewed the book this month so he will not be making an appearance during my pride series.

It has a happy ending!!!!! Do you know how hard it to find a gay themed movie where they actually end up happy?

I am not going to go on about how brilliant it is beacuse its not, but if you are a fan of those cheesy made for TV Hallmark type of movies like me, then this will hit the spot.

Boy has dreams but is from a poor neighborhood, has a crap job, loads of responsibilities….you know the type. Surfing though is where he can forget everything and when your best friend is out of town you go surfing with his big brother, cause why not. And before you know it an unexpected romance starts.

The actors have genuine chemistry and the awkward flirting in the early stages is spot on and endearing, even the clichéd friendly tussle leading to their first kiss seems natural and genuine. You cant help but root for Zach and Shaun also they are very attractive which helps.

This film is predictable and uneventful, but it is refreshing to see a film about gay men where nothing horrible happens to them and focuses on their lives rather than the fact they are gay, but i guess that’s the point its like any other cheesy rom-com out there it just happens that in this case the leads are both male.

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Told you they were attractive!


Every year, during the month of June, the LGBT community celebrate. People coming together to show how far gay rights have come and teach others about the community to help them continue to move forward in equality. So for the rest of June my reviews will be LGBT themed.

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TV Review: Now is the time to talk about Black-ish.

The TV show Black-ish will tell you everything about what it means to be black in the USA. Just watch and be educated.

A couple of stand out episodes:

The N-word: In the 25th episode, “The Word”, Young Jack performs Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” at school and says the N word. The rest of the episode discusses the generational and multicultural perspectives of the word. Did you know it has a different meaning to different people? it evens means something different to African Americans. what was unleashed was a funny prime time show tackling an issue that should be talked about more. Mamma Bow thinks it should never be used but Dad Dre thinks its OK to be used by them as long as its not at them. Before you know it Dre is back at his office discussing with this co-workers what words are acceptable and which are not. Discussions like this should happen in real life more.

Police brutality: In the 40th episode, “Hope”, the show tackles police brutality and Black Lives Matter as the family watches the news reporting about an unarmed young, black man’s fatal run-in with police. The debate format of the episode was able to address both sides of the situation, with Dre wanting to teach the children to be afraid of the police, Rainbow wants her children to respect their authority and have trust that the judicial process works and in the process it doesn’t completely make the police force seem like villains. The format also allowed for perspectives from different generations, backgrounds and ideologies. The end of the episode revolved around a message of hope and the importance of protests, discussion, and attitudes when people are faced with tragedies due to police brutality, assassinations, etc.

And there is even a musical episode called Juneteenth. Today is June the 19th, the anniversary of when slavery was abolished in the USA. This episode is a good introduction to the history of that day.

Bumper Book Review

Today am going to review Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon and Simon vs The Homosapien Agenda by Becky Albertalli. these books have nothing in common apart from the fact that they have been turned in to films (both films have Nick Robinson as the lead and he is pretty easy on the eyes).

Lets start with the more popular one of the two. The book behind Love Simion that has such a big fanbase that is has its own sequel show Love Victor. The main reason for the popularity of Simon is because Simon is gay! Yep a mainstream Teen movie where the main love story is between shock horror two guys.

So what makes Simon so popular, he is one of the most relatable fiction characters that i have come across in a long time. Simon is a male – I am not. Simon is sixteen – I left my teens years ago. Simon is gay – I am not but do find guys attractive so maybe that is something if we ever met we could talk about. Even though Simon claims his sexual awakening was Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter. Am sorry but where did the author get that idea. Daniel Radcliffe should be no ones sexual awaking (sorry Dan but you looked about twelve in all eight films).

So what make simon so relatable, endearing. Simon messes up alot he is far from prefect even clumsy sometimes but that’s just part of growing up. Growing up now thats something everyone can relate to. The themes of friendship, growing up and coming to terms with who you are are all themes explored in many books, but this one seems different. why? the others didnt have Simon. I think am in love with simon, i think i know him. If he was real we so would be friends and that is the charm of this book.

His friends are cool too. He has a close knit of friends. They get annoyed, don’t understand what is happening, get cross when he doesn’t tell them and how he dealt with keeping his secert but they are his friends they turn up when it really matters and suppport him no matter what. I would recommend reading the sequal Off Beat Leah as that delves into the friendship group even more. The most shocking thing is they are not sex craze manics. what? they dont talk/have sex all the time. Yep they are normal 16 years olds. We live in the world Where Teen shows The OC, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl even the more recent Teen dramas that appear to be on Netflix all have 16 year olds have sex. This has even snuck into Young adult books. Its rare when you will read one that doesnt contain sex. The truth is that’s just not the life of most 16 year olds and it’s not how these 16 year olds roll.

I can’t give too much away because Simon says it better and more entertaining then I ever could be. So Pick up this book become one of Simons friends and go on this ride as he navigates his way through high school. You wont be disappointed. (I haven’t even mentioned the Love story between Simon and Blue because whatever i say wont do it justice).


Madeline Whitter has SCID so therefore she cant leave the house ever! Its amazing that a book can make you think about the struggles and the beauty of life. A book that reminds you what it’s like to be youthful, to be free and reminds you to never take it for granted. How much would you risk for love? How big of a lie would you tell to protect the one who is closet to you? The mother who would do anything for her daughter and the boy next door who makes you want more from life. You will be rooting for Madeline from start to finish. And don’t be ashamed if the ending brings a little tear to your eye. It truly is a great book.

Final note both books involve the ‘love interests’ ‘falling in love’ by exchanging emails/IM messages before they meet. Welcome to the new age of dating.

Songs of the week

I am not going to sit here and preach and tell you what to do but if you don’t understand what is going on with the Black Lives Matter movement here are some songs you can listen to, to help you. This is not an issue that has just appeared, its always been there and George Floyds death which thanks to social meida has made people actually listen and think about the issue.

  1. A Change is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke (1964)

What is considered the anthem of The Civil Rights Movement. A song that was on the radio as black Americians were fighting for equality . It has a message that generation after generation believe in. A message that is adaptable to the each goal of the movement.

2. I Wish I Knew How to be Free – Nina Simone (1967)

A song about being able to exercise your rights. Even though over the years those rights have changed the message is still clear and relevant.

3. The Revolution will not be televised – Gil Scot-Heron (1971)

A song about people who sit on the sidelines. If you want freedom, make a change you have to go and fight for it. When you hear it you might think what is he saying but every word is a reference to what was on TV at that time for example “Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies, and Hooterville Junction will no longer be so damn relevant, And women will not care if Dick finally got down with, Jane on Search for Tomorrow” are all popular TV sitcoms at the time and the point being ” Because Black people will be in the street looking for a brighter day, The revolution will not be televised” .

It’s a shame Gil is not alive to see this new revolution and it will be televised.

4. Freedom -Beyonce (2016)

A song encouraging black women to stand up and be empowered and not be held back by their race. Beyonce talks about how she is going to keep marching and running for her freedom. “I was served lemons but made lemonade”

5. fuck the police – N.W.A (1988)

The police mistreating people because of their race is summed up in this song. A song that is older them me this is not a new issue. This song clearly states what happens far too often. “they have the authority to kill a minority” “Searching my car, looking for the product, Thinking every nigga is selling narcotics You’d rather see, me in the pen than me and Lorenzo rolling in a Benz-o”

6. Black America Again – Common (2016)

A song about being Black in America today. A song where the lyrics speak for themselves.

“Who stole the soul from black folk?”

“And made us go through the back door”

“I know that black lives matter and they matter to us
These are the things we gotta discuss”

“The color of my skin, they comparing it to sin
The darker it gets, the less fairer it has been”

“Tell your political parties invite us
Instead of making broke laws to spite us
You know, you know we from a family of fight trust
Fought in your wars and our wars
You put a nigga in Star Wars, maybe you need two
And then, maybe then we’ll believe you
See black people in the future
We wasn’t shipped here to rob and shoot ya
We hold this truth to be self evident
All men and women are created equal, including black Americans”

Movie review and it appears am Living the real life Bugs Life .

It’s the good old story of Ant Flick loses food tribute so goes of own his own to fight the grasshoppers and proves at he really is a hero.

Where I think this film really thrives is it’s secondary characters. There’s is at least one character that you will relate to. Which one are you?


“Someday I will be a beautiful butterfly, and then everything will be better” . Let’s be honest we have all been there. After all Glutton is on of the seven deadly sins. We are what we eat and so therefore we must complain about what we eat. We spend most of our lives trying to not look like what we eat in the hopes that one day we will become beautiful butterflies.


Dim the scary beetle. When characters first meet him they are scared due to his size but we all should not judge a book by its cover right. Dim is one of the sweetest characters in the film almost childlike even. Even with a roar literally like the T-Rexes in Jurassic Park.


The ladybird that is no lady in fact he is a drag queen (surely Disney’s only drag queen). That’s right Bugs life were questioning the gender stereotypes long before it was cool to do so. Much to his dismay he has become a mother role to the blueberry troops. He spends most of the film claiming not to be motherly only to be also seen throughout the movie by others as the natural mother they believe he is.

So go and watch Bugs Life while you have time on your hands. It’s about time this classic movie comes out of Toy Story’s shadow.

Welcome to The OC bitch!

While The OC is a Teen show, it’s roots and main theme is actually family. It did something Teen shows rarely do, it took the time to show an actual healthy parent and child relationship. That’s right Sandy and Kirsten actually parent their children and it’s that collective unit that carries the show.

Romances came and went and even literally died but the Bromance between Seth and Ryan is really the greatest love story ever told. One got a stable family, one that he would thieve in and one got a social life. They were each other’s biggest supporter throughout.

The OC manages to get the right mix of angst with comedy and really is Josh Schwartz at his best.

Movie review

Sleepless in Seattle

When Annie after listening to a widower on the radio decides she must meet him. This film main theme is clearly destiny/fate even if at times Annie comes across as a stalker.

To be fair Most people are already in love with Tom Hanks time they watch this movie so as his character Sam talks about his love for his dead wife, you like Annie can’t help but cry and fall in love him. On top of that his has probably one of the cutest children to ever be in a film and it’s probably the father and son relationship that carries the film more then the romantic plot.

While it’s interesting watching a film where you know the two lovers are destined to be together but are apart for most of the film, it left the ending a bit abrupt which leaves you wanting more but maybe that’s what part of its charm is. As at the end they are united in the most outrageous but cute way that would only existed in a movie.

Overall sleepless in Seattle is Tom Hanks at his best As we root for a man who is not afraid of his emotions and talks about overcoming his grief to find love again.

Book review

Jane Eyre

My first book review is about my favourite book of all time at this point Jane Eyre feels like a lifelong friend, with ever read the themes of this story become more relevant then ever.

Jane is…feisty. She had to overcome a lot of hardships. Her parents died when she was young, bought up by relatives who didn’t want here who didn’t treat her fairly. But in the end she overcomes this and finds love. A bit like Cinderella. But Jane Eyre is no fairytale story.

While it is written very in depth and is quite romantic and Beautiful. The thing that makes this story so gripping it’s a story of so many twist and turns you don’t expect what to happen next. The main theme being the conflict between love and independence along with Janes struggle to maintain self-esteem and social criticism all things that women continue to struggle with today.

Jane is unlike any other character I have ever read about (but to be fair I haven’t read many books). She never knew love as a child so I no way is she going to compromise herself for some one else and for this I admire her especially when this was written in a time where women were told how to behave in society.

Even when she meets Mr Rochester , this is no love at first sight. But the Brilliant Charlotte Bronte makes it clear that what is in the outside does not reflect on the inside with neither of them being described as lookers, in fact Jane is described as being quite plain. All this means we get a love story based on something much deeper then looks.

But obviously this book doesn’t just end with a happy ending it will truly keep you in the edge of your seat with ever twist and turn. You will laugh and cry as Jane goes through life from child to adult, experiencing love, loss and heartbreak and maybe marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.